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Leaders Inn School White Citi Pasrur Campus. Prize Winners of session 2023-24 are receiving prizes from Khalid Masood Ch, Senior Advocate Supreme Court, Principals Govt College Pasrur, Professor Ashraf Sahab and Professor Ishaq Bajwa Sahab and Manshad Walha Sahab, headmaster Govt High School Siranwali.

Elections of Student’s Council were held at Leaders Inn School, White Citi Pasrur Campus. Students cast votes to their favourite candidates to choose School Leaders and House Leaders. These kind of events help to polish the leadership traits of students, improve their communication skills and develop respect for democratic norms.

Mother’s Day was celebrated at Leaders Inn School Pasrur Campus. A graceful event was organised to pay tribute to all mothers serving in the institution. Students also made cards for their mothers.

Learning is fun with us.
(30 August 2021)

Growing patriotism in young minds. Celebrating Independence Day.
(14 August 2021)

Back to School
(2 August 2021)

First Parent-Management interaction
(26 June 2021)

Fruit Day Celebration of Montessori Section
(24 June 2021)

Chairman Leaders Inn Education System, Brigadier Shahid Mahmood Ch (R) had lunch with Class-5 students at School Cafeteria and educated them about the Islamic, moral and social aspects of eating. پہلے تربیت پھر تعلیم
(01 June 2021)