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Library Cum Media Centre

To inculcate the habit of reading and research, a Library cum Media Centre has been added where books, photocopiers and printers are available. The library is well furnished and well stocked.

Computer Training

In order to acquaint students with basics of computers, regular orientation classes are held form the beginning of the academic year. Students are encouraged to avail the internet facility under strict control.

Science Laboratories

The school will also provide students with the state-of-the-art computer and science labs. These labs have sufficient space and apparatus to carryout experiments and required work.

Movie Theatre

A big multi-purpose hall with movie theatre has been established where informative documentaries and entertainment /animated movies will be screened to students.

Teacher’s Training

While we are endeavouring to hire best available teachers from City and even from outside. on a very attractive pay package but we are also planning to develop a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for teachers training in our School System. This centre will not only impart pedagogical, Montessori and specific to subjects training to our own teachers but we will also provide this facility to teachers of other Schools to improve overall education standards of area.

Various Clubs

Various Clubs like Drama, Debate, Arts, Science, Horse Riding and Swimming, Adventures, Singing, Photography etc will be established. Every student from Class III onward will be asked to join at least one club.

School Canteen

A purpose built School Canteen has been provided where text books, exercise copies, stationery items and uniforms are available. It has a cafeteria where student / parents can freshen up by having cold drinks/tea etc.

School Bus

A survey is being carried out for the requirement of School Buses. You can get registered if desirous to transport your child under School arrangements .